Professional Experience

In her years practicing law in Washington D.C. and in Ft. Myers, Florida, Lisbeth Freeman has gained critical experience that allows her to provide exceptional service to her clients:

  • Lisbeth has filled the role of outside general counsel to several leading business organizations in the local Fort Myers area. In that role, she provides oversight of business operations and advises executives on potential legal risks or opportunities as they arise. By being engaged on a regular basis with a business, the cost of her services is reduced through efficiencies gained from intimate knowledge of the ongoing business concerns.
  • From small companies to large national corporations, Lisbeth has advised businesses on tax compliance issues on a 50-state basis, and has also represented those businesses with respect to tax policy concerns as well. Through the experience gained by advising large national corporations regarding state and local taxes, Lisbeth is perfectly situated to assist small businesses that are gearing up to sell product or services nationally with the confidence that they are in compliance with the 1000’s of taxing jurisdictions across the fifty states.
  • For small businesses and individuals, Lisbeth has negotiated settlement agreements that meet the needs of her clients and avoid expensive litigation. From commercial lease agreements to business succession disputes, Lisbeth offers thoughtful and skilled advice that places her clients on sound legal footing.
  • Successfully assisted a client in terminating a 3-year commercial lease and
    negotiated a down from $90k originally owed on the lease to a $7000
    settlement amount.