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Whether it is a state or federal agency, any type of tax issue can create an enormous amount of stress for individuals and small business owners alike. It is difficult for anybody not to be intimidated by possible penalties from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Every year, millions of Americans find themselves facing some type of issue with the IRS. These problems may be the result of a simple error, honest oversight, or years of negligence. Whatever might be the root of the problem, there is a solution.

Fort Myers Tax Lawyer

While a tax problem can certainly be concerning, the good news is that an experienced attorney can usually help you find a relief strategy. Lisbeth Freeman is highly skilled in the area of tax controversies, and she helps clients all over Lee County achieve favorable resolutions to their tax cases.

Some of the types of tax issues that Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC assists Florida clients with includes, but is not limited to:

  • State Sales Taxes — One of the most frequent concerns of small business owners in Florida is compliance with often-complex state and local tax laws and regulations.  Sales tax delinquencies are often cited as the reason a small business fails.  Lisbeth Freeman has extensive experience in assisting small and large businesses with sales tax audit defense, tax avoidance strategies, and compliance issues.  She has successfully negotiated Voluntary Disclosure Agreements with many state tax departments and obtained favorable ruling letters on behalf of business clients.
  • Hotel Occupancy Taxes — Like sales taxes, failure to properly comply with state hotel occupancy taxes is a serious problem for those in the accommodations business.  State departments of revenue are increasingly aggressive in attacking rental property owners and those renting properties through on-line services like VRBO and AirBnB without collecting the hotel occupancy tax properly.  Lisbeth Freeman can assist those businesses and individuals with negotiating settlements with the Florida Department of Revenue to avoid larger problems down the road.
  • Payroll Taxes — Delinquent payroll taxes are an extremely serious issue, and the IRS may levy harsh punishments on small business owners who fail to pay Social Security, Medicare, and income taxes. In addition to the amount owed, a business owner could also be liable for penalties and accrued interest. If necessary, the IRS can close the business, sell the assets, and still hold the owner liable if the sale of the assets is not enough to cover the balance.
  • Wage Garnishment — This is a punishment that the IRS can enact if an individual has failed to pay taxes. This amount may be garnished from all types of incomes, including salaries, commissions, or pension benefits. However, federal law limits the maximum amount that can be garnished and a lawyer can help modify a garnishment so you can maintain a living wage.
  • IRS Tax Liens — These are legal claims that the government takes against a person’s property when he or she fails to pay a tax debt. The government’s legal right to the property affects the person’s credit record and essentially makes it impossible for him or her to get any kind of loan.
  • IRS Tax Levies — While a tax lien is a claim against a person’s property, a levy is much more serious because the IRS actually seizes and sells any of the person’s real or personal property. An attorney can help negotiate a release of the levy and negotiate a resolution.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief — A person can very easily find themselves liable for a former spouse’s tax problems. A lawyer can review your case to see if you qualify for a resolution such as Basic Innocent Spouse Relief, Separation of Liability Relief, or Equitable Relief.
  • IRS Audits Defense — One of the most well-known and probably most feared IRS actions is the dreaded audit. For people who are unfamiliar with how the audit process works, it is critical to seek legal representation as soon as they receive their letters informing them they are being audited.

Lee County Tax Attorney

Ignoring your tax issues will only make your problems worse. If you live anywhere in the greater Fort Myers areacontact Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC to have your case reviewed during a free, confidential consultation.

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