General Counsel

Many businesses rely upon outside counsel to act as their in-house and general counsel. Lisbeth Freeman Law pllc serves as outside general counsel for several business organizations in the Fort Myers, Florida area. Working closely with her clients, she gains an in-depth understanding of their business activities and objectives. Because of this, she is able to provide focused, client-centered, and cost-effective advice and counsel on legal issues confronting clients on a daily basis.

In her role as outside general counsel, she typically receives the first call when the client encounters a business issue with legal implications. Acting as strategic advisors to her clients, she works swiftly and effectively to implement the right solutions and resolve the matter at hand with an eye toward the future.

By engaging Lisbeth Freeman as outside general counsel, you are bringing a critical new team member into your business without the daunting costs of hiring a full-time in-house counsel.

As outside general counsel, she can coordinate and oversee:

  • Commercial contracts, licensing agreements and strategic transactions
  • Litigation, arbitration and risk management
  • Corporate governance, board and shareholder resolutions, consents, directors meetings, shareholder meetings, and minutes
  • Succession planning
  • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations
  • Employment matters, including hiring, retention, termination and employee handbooks
  • Executive compensation, including stock options, restricted stock agreements, and equity and non-equity based incentive compensation
  • Real estate purchases and commercial leasing
  • SEC and state securities law filings and reporting obligations
  • Capital raises
  • Trademark, patent and other intellectual property protection