Foreclosure & Deficiency Judgment Defense

When a home is foreclosed on, the amount that it is later sold for may be less than the balance that was owed by the homeowner. In the state of Florida, mortgage lenders are allowed to seek payment of these shortfalls, also known as “deficiency judgments.”

If your home is in foreclosure, it is in your best interest to immediately seek the help of an experienced attorney before your foreclosure is final and a deficiency judgment takes effect. These actions can haunt homeowners for decades and have the potential to severely affect credit records.

Fort Myers Foreclosure Lawyer

Lisbeth Freeman represents clients all over Lee County who are facing foreclosure or have already lost their homes. She can review all of your legal options to avoid having your home sold for less than what you owe and whether a lender has legal standing to seek a deficiency judgment.

It is important to remember that many lenders have engaged in illegal practices that resulted in them paying billions of dollars of fines. Lisbeth Freeman can investigate your foreclosure to determine if you may have been a victim of the following issues:

  • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act violations
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations
  • Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act violations
  • Robo-signing
  • Servicing errors, including improper fees or billing mistakes
  • Truth in Lending Act violations

If a bank has already obtained a deficiency judgment against you, it may be possible that the lender failed to seek a private mortgage insurance (PMI) claim prior or neglected some other opportunity to lessen its damages.

Deficiency Judgment Help in Lee County

Lisbeth Freeman helps homeowners throughout the greater Fort Myers area who are struggling because of the burden of foreclosures, second mortgages, and deficiency judgments. She is an advocate for countless Floridians who feel trapped in terrible mortgage situations and works tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcomes to these cases.

Any threat of foreclosure requires immediate action. Do not delay in seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable deficiency judgment attorney so you can avoid making a bad situation worse. Contact Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC to have your case reviewed during a free, confidential consultation.

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