While Benjamin Franklin once famously remarked that nothing in the world is certain except for death and taxes, the laws dealing with those aspects of life can be tremendously complicated. When people are attempting to start businesses or preserve their personal estates, it is imperative that they seek the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Lisbeth Freeman is a highly skilled lawyer in the areas of tax and estate planning.   Her office helps individuals and businesses who face tax controversies with the IRS and the Florida Department of Revenue.  She is well-versed at devising tax strategies for small and large businesses at the federal and state level on a 50-state basis.

In addition, Lisbeth can assist individuals with estate planning, asset protection, and foreclosure and deficiency judgment defense.  Through her understanding of tax laws and small business management, she can ably assist with business formation and dissolution.  In addition, Lisbeth assists businesses as they negotiate the myriad administrative hurdles to attain the proper licensing and permitting required in Florida.

Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC understands the desires of the many people in Southwest Florida who want to protect their assets, and plan for their long term care, and we tailor specific estate planning documents to meet the individual needs and desires of our clients. We can also assist clients as they navigate the many complications and asset implications regarding Social Security and Medicaid.  We can help clients take the steps necessary to avoid the difficult Medicaid spend-down requirements for individuals requiring residential long-term care while protecting the standard of living for the community spouse.  Lisbeth has recently assisted her own aging parents with these same issues and understands the emotional stress families face while making difficult life decisions.

As an entrepreneur herself, Lisbeth Freeman understands the challenges that small business owners face and she works to help clients with all sorts of complex business law matters. You can contact Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC today to discuss your own case during a free consultation.